How to make the most of your field service management software

2017-03-31 16:15:17

The right field service management software can help you manage your daily operations, and even expand your business to reach new goals. Choosing the right software, however, can get a little complicated.

Your best option would be to choose a modular software from a renowned provider, which means you will be able to add new features as your needs change and your company grows. Here is how you can make the most of your field service management software.

1. Define your current needs

Are you in need of a preventative maintenance software? Are you looking for an easier way to schedule the work of your technicians, and to manage your inventory? Start by defining your needs so you can find a field service management software that will simplify your operations.

Before you choose your software, however, make sure you have found a modular software, and that it will be possible to get additional features in the future. This will allow you to keep using the same software as your business expands and your needs evolve.

2. Take service calls and dispatch your technicians

An important feature of any field service management software is technician scheduling. With this feature, you will be able to make sure your technicians are at the right place, at the right time, and with the right parts to do their job.

3. Keep track of your equipment maintenance

There is no need to purchase a separate preventative maintenance software if there is a preventative maintenance feature in the software you have chosen. Your software will manage your preventative maintenance operations for you so your team won’t have to worry about it anymore.

4. Optimize your inventory

Even the best technician in your team will not be able to perform a great job without the proper parts and supplies. An inventory management feature will make it easy for you to manage your inventory and to provide your technicians with what they need, when they need it.

5. Manage your sales orders and invoices

Billing and invoice management is another feature that will help you save time. When you use your software to create and track your bills and invoices, you can improve your efficiency and have more time to focus on your other business operations.

6. Personalize your reports and documents

An example of additional feature you might need with your software is a report designer. This feature will help you create and customize sales orders, invoices, service task tickets, purchase orders, and other documents to improve the branding of your business.

7. Send real-time updates to your technicians

A mobile field technician console is an additional feature that will help you reduce the amount of paperwork your business uses. Your field technicians will be able to use their mobile devices to have access to their job list and their service tickets, and to keep you updated on their progress. This feature is a great tool to increase their productivity.

8. Stay in touch with your software provider

To make the most of your field service management software, be sure to stay in touch with your software provider. As soon as you need an additional feature, or as soon as you realize you are paying for a feature you are not using anymore, be sure to contact them.

This way, your software will always meet your needs and help you improve the efficiency of your business operations. If you are satisfied with the field service management software you use, your customers will certainly be satisfied with the services you are providing them with.

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