FAQ: Personal Injury Lawsuits in Ontario

Lisa Laurel 2017-01-28 18:00:00

If you or a loved one has been injured, you may be able to sue. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding personal injury lawsuits in Ontario. Please speak with a personal injury lawyer for advice on your particular case.

What kind of injuries can I sue for?

Some injuries that you can sue for include broken bones, internal injuries, soft-tissue injuries, and psychological trauma. An experienced lawyer can help you gather the necessary evidence to prove your case, even if your injuries are harder to prove than more obvious injuries.

What kind of accidents or assaults can I sue for?

A personal injury lawyer can help with a wide variety of accidents and assaults, including:

  • Occupier’s Liability
  • Insurance Disputes
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Boating Accidents
  • Car Accidents
  • Trucking Accidents
  • Child Abuse
  • Sex Abuse
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • False Arrest
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Brain Injuries
  • Fire Accidents
  • Dog Bites
  • Slip and Fall
  • Product Liability
  • Paraplegic Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

Who can I sue?

This question isn’t so easily answered, so you should talk to your lawyer. It’s not always immediately apparent who the responsible parties are and who you can sue.

When can I sue for my injuries?

If you wait too long after your injury, the law might prevent you from moving forward. The Limitations Act came into effect in 2004 and you have to follow the limitation period for the type of injury you sustained. Speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to find out more. 

Do I need a lawyer?

Usually, victims of another person’s negligence, recklessness, or carelessness who attempt to recover their own compensation receive smaller settlements than those who hire experienced personal injury lawyers. If you need to find a personal injury lawyer, visit SBMB Law for more information.

How long will it take to settle my case?

The length of time it takes to settle your matter depends on who you are suing and then complexity and nature of your case. Once your lawyer has a chance to review the specific facts of your case, he or she should be able to give you an idea of how long it should take.

Can I settle out of court?

A claim can be settled at any point, including before you file the suit, after you file the suit, and before a trial is started. You can also settle during or after trial.

If I hire a lawyer, will I have to go to court?

Most cases settle out of court, so you most likely will not have to go to court for a trial. Settlements are often reached through mediation and settlement conferences.

What can I do while I recover from my injury?

Besides giving yourself time to heal, you can keep all the documents, photos, and other information that will help your lawyer prove your case.

How much is my case worth?

Each and every personal injury case is different. In personal injury cases you are entitled to compensation for disfigurement, disability, pain and suffering for past and future, lost wages and the ability to earn an income for past and future, medical and rehab expenses for past and future, and loss of enjoyment of life for past and future. Your lawyer will be able to give you an estimate of how much your case is worth.

How will I pay for a personal injury lawyer?

Most lawyers will offer a free consultation, and you don’t have to pay until your lawyer wins.


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