8 Reasons Why You Will Love Baby Expos

Patrick Jones 2016-08-31 07:00:00

Pregnancy brings with it a ton of emotions like excitement, fear, happiness, urgency, and more. Plus, you get to feel like you have to pee every 15 minutes. Lots of things change when you’re pregnant, and there are a lot of things to do. But what is there to do after you’ve done your doctor’s appointment, you have a name chosen, and you’ve done the gender ultrasound? You go to baby expos! You are sure to see some great things there to add to your baby registry, and you get the opportunity to ask a lot of questions. Here are just a few reasons why you will love baby shows.

You’ll get swag.

Expo gift bags are always full of cool products and coupons for both moms and babiesEvery baby show is different, but things you might find in a swag bag include books, bath toys, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, water, and more. You’ll probably save hundreds of dollars with the coupons you will receive both in the bag and when you visit booths, too. You can learn about how a midwife differs from a doctor for pregnancy and birth care, what a doula does, how to make your own baby food, how to baby wear, if cloth diapering is for you, and much more.

You will learn a lot.

Baby shows like The BabyTime Show are absolutely full of information. You’ll have access to everything you always wanted to know but didn’t know how to ask, or even answers to questions you didn’t even know you had until now.

You’ll meet a lot of people.

Besides future playdates, you’ll meet lots of potential friends and mentors. Remember, all the other first-time parents are just as overwhelmed as you so it’s a great opportunity to meet families now and develop friendships so your kids can play together later.

You will find things to buy you never knew you needed.

You will learn about new products and services like diaper services, housecleaning services (trust us, you will want one!), and the latest in baby room furniture and decor, among hundreds of other design ideas. You’ll see craft kits for baby art, belly casts, and things you never knew existed.

You will have comfortable rooms to feed your baby.

Don’t worry about having to find a quiet corner: there will be two Medela Nursing Rooms available for your use. Both have comfortable seating, bottle warmers, and nursing pillows. You’ll also find some nursing information in each room. Feel free to pick up some free nursing bra pads at the Medela booth if you need them!

You’ll learn how to safely install and use your car seat and/or booster seat.

We know how nerve-wracking it is to consider your child’s life depends on his or her car seat being installed correctly. Every day you can see an information seminar from UPPA Baby and GRACO covering all of the rules and regulations in addition to the best safety practices to make sure your child’s car seat is installed correctly and safely. You will also get a chance to talk directly to company representatives so you can ask questions pertaining to your situation. There will also be some contests and prizes you can win.

Meet classic characters that your toddler will love.

You’ll have a chance to meet characters like Olivia the Piglet, Angelina Ballerina, and more. Come on, we know you’ve always wanted to meet them! Bring your toddler, too.

You can get a massage!

What better way to spend time with your partner before the baby arrives than to get a couples massage? You can customize your experience with deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, or pregnancy massage.


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