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How to make the most of your field service management software

The right field service management software can help you manage your daily operations, and even expand your business to reach new goals. Choosing the right software, however, can get a little compli

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A Guide to Sheet Metal Restoration

An ornamented sheet metal roof is a true work of art, and it should be treated like one. If wind, sun, rain, snow and time have damaged your roof, you need to act as soon as possible so you can rest

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Trademark Application: A Step-By-Step Guide

A trademark in the business world sets you apart from others and makes your brand recognizable. It also helps if it is clear enough to send the right image and message. With so many businesses all c

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FAQ: Personal Injury Lawsuits in Ontario

If you or a loved one has been injured, you may be able to sue. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding personal injury lawsuits in Ontario. Please speak with a personal injury lawyer for

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A Guide to Industrial Filtration Equipment

When you are getting started on a project with specific filtration requirements, industrial filtration equipment rental can be a great alternative to purchasing your own equipment. No matter what ty

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What Exactly Are Indoor Positioning Systems?

Indoor Positioning Systems, or IPS, is like a GPS for indoor locations. You can use it to find objects or people inside of buildings, usually through a mobile device. Services that use IPS are gaini

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A Storage Unit Guide: What Things Can You Not Store Inside?

There are some pretty obvious things you shouldn’t store in a storage unit, like dead bodies and your pot stash. Those things are illegal. But there are also some less obvious things you shoul

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5 UX Tips to Make Your Forms More Mobile-Friendly

Every website understands how important online forms are to the success of the business. Today, webmasters have to know how to construct the perfect form in order to garner the information they wan

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8 Reasons Why You Will Love Baby Expos

Pregnancy brings with it a ton of emotions like excitement, fear, happiness, urgency, and more. Plus, you get to feel like you have to pee every 15 minutes. Lots of things change when you’re p

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5 Ways to Become a Great IT Consulting Professional

One of the attractive elements of entering the career field of IT consulting is the incredible amount of flexibility. You can set your own hours, create your own schedule and become your own boss. A

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10 Tips And Tricks Of Windows 10

Windows 10 received an update earlier on August 2 called “Anniversary Update,” full of little changes and improvements including some to the Windows Store, Cortana, and Microsoft Edge. I

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5 Performance Testing Tips For You to Use Now

Whether you're developing software or a mobile application, it takes a lot of time, effort and resources to properly complete this computer endeavour. Multiple teams are working around the clock to

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5 Tips When Shopping & Applying for Online Loans

Since a lot of brick-and-mortar payday loan stores have come under fire from jurisdictions across the province of Ontario, many payday lenders have headed online. And this is quickly proving to be a

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How to Take Care of Your Dental Implants in 5 Steps

After years of pain, your dentist finally removed that one tooth that had been causing problems for years. It set you back a little bit of money, but now you're happy that you can smile again and no

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A Guide to Deli Meat: 12 Types of Meat to Order at the Local Deli

Do you know the difference between pepperoni and chorizo? Deli meats, or lunch meats, are cured or pre-cooked meat that are sliced and then served hot or cold on party trays or sandwiches. You can buy

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Top 10 Tips On Buying A Used Car From A Dealer

  Most people, when buying a used car, choose to go with a franchised dealership rather than a private seller. They know their purchase will be backed by a dealership, that the car will have u

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How to Pick the Best Work Desk!

When it comes time to setting up your office, there are several things you have to consider. The wrong desk can make you miserable whereas the right one can make your day go smoother, make the time

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5 Web Accessibility Tips for Full Access to All Users

One of the key objectives for a wide range of websites, developers and designers, non-profit organizations and billion-dollar corporations is to make the Internet more accessible. This philanthropic

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5 Tips for Writing Research Grant Submissions

The government-funded research grant market is highly competitive and potentially lucrative for the applicants. This is particularly true in the province of Ontario, which is the intellectual capita

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Canada Immigration Guide: 7 Commonly Asked Questions

Canada offers amazing settlement options within a stable environment to those willing to become part of it. Immigration to Canada brings people, traditions, and customs to the country and is a funda

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6 Ways to Create A Unique Real Estate Marketing Plan

As a real estate agent, you probably noticed that a lot of your business comes from word of mouth and from referrals. However, this does not mean that you should forget about trying to reach new cli

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5 Corporate Law Tips for All Canadian Startups & Small Businesses

An entrepreneur has a great idea to disrupt the marketplace. Or, they have a revolutionary concept in mind that will definitely improve the way people drink coffee in their neighbourhood. Unfortunat

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5 Ways to Take Full Advantage of Your Remote Support Tools

Over the last few years, businesses are morphing their customer support into a remote tool. It makes sense because it's very simple: provide your IT service desk operators the necessary dashboards a

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4 Ways to Make Your Flower Delivery Extra Special

When you want to choose the perfect bouquet for that special someone and have it delivered, there are some things you will need to know in order to make it as special as possible. It doesn’t t

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How to Choose A Piece of Jewellery

Picking out the right jewellery isn’t any different than choosing what clothes to wear. The most important thing is to stay in your comfort zone and within your personal style. Having said tha

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6 Ways to Find A Trustworthy Car Dealership

Most people don't spend a lot of time planning their next car purchase, and many can end up regretting it afterwards. To be able to easily find the right car for your needs and your budget, you will

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How to Install A Window Air Conditioner in 6 Steps

There is nothing like some air conditioning to help you stay cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. Window air conditioners are often the best option for small houses or rooms that are d

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Constructive Dismissal in Ontario: 5 Tips for Employers

Any employer can attest to the fact that it can be very hard to terminate an employee. We're not just talking about it from a business or legal vantage point, but from a human aspect, too. It can be

- Lisa Laurel | 2016-05-14Read More »

How to Select the Right Real Estate Agent: 5 Tips

Today's real estate market is certainly a seller's one. If you own a home in the Greater Toronto Area then it's quite likely that you're going to make an enormous profit upon sale. Heck, even if you

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5 Flexography Tips to Use in Your Business

Printers have been looking at numerous ways over the years to perfect their craft. They've been wanting to avoid excessive installations, intricate implementations, rigorous planning and tedious mee

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5 Investment Tips in Canada's Hot Real Estate Market

Real estate investing in Canada is now the popular thing to do. Because of historically low interest rates, favourable economic conditions and several hot markets, investors are searching for yield

- Thomas Robinson | 2016-05-11Read More »

Do You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof This Summer?

With the temperatures heating up, the sun shining on your home and all of the home renovation projects taking shape, what better time to inspect your roof then this very minute? Perhaps you'll find

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How to Start An IT Business in 6 Steps

IT services are in demand. More and more businesses are choosing to hire an information technology company to keep their systems up and running, instead of developing their own IT department.This me

- Dale Flash | 2016-05-05Read More »

6 Ways to Provide Excellent Tech Support to Your Customers

If you are in the business of developing and marketing software and applications, you also need to be in the business of providing technical support to your customers. If you can't successfully answ

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How to Buy A Used Car in 6 Steps

If you are on a tight budget, or if you simply don't feel the need to purchase a brand new car each year, buying a used car should be the perfect option for you. There are a lot of used cars on the

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How to Stop Identity Theft in 5 Steps

It's springtime! You know what that means? Spring cleaning. For one whole day, or even an entire weekend, you're going to be vacuuming your rugs, organizing your desks and throwing out a lot of pape

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5 Ways to Make Your Used Car Look Brand New Again

We all know that you have to stage your home when you put it on the open market. But did you know that it's recommended for you to also stage your vehicle when you're trying to sell it? It's true!

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5 Plumbing Tips to Prepare for the Summer

According to WaterSense, the data suggest that the average homeowner spends approximately $500 each year on their household's plumbing system. This could consist of anything from hiring a profession

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What Millennials Need to Know Before Buying Their First Home in Toronto

In April, Bank of Montreal released in a new study that found that two-thirds of millennials expect to afford a Toronto-area home. Despite skyrocketing housing prices and bidding wars heating u

- Thomas Robinson | 2016-04-14Read More »

It's Pothole Season! 5 Tips to Protect Your Car From Potholes

For most cities across Canada, winter has thankfully left, and now spring is here. Unfortunately, as cities thaw out from the snowy, icy and bitter cold conditions for the last little while, motoris

- Danny Earl | 2016-04-13Read More »

7 Ways to Manage Your Legal Documents in A Paperless Office

In an age of BYOD trends, cloud computing and telecommuting, offices everywhere are going paperless. In an effort to save on costs, increase productivity and adopt the latest trends, offices all ove

- Christopher Rome | 2016-04-12Read More »

10 Commonly Asked Questions About Family Law

Family law is an area of law that handles domestic relations and family matters including those related to adoption and surrogacy, child abuse and abduction, marriage, domestic partnerships, and civ

- Lisa Laurel | 2016-04-06Read More »

7 Cleaning Tips to Organize Your Office Workspace

You might be surprised to learn how much disorganization costs you in productivity and time, not to mention mental peace. It doesn’t count to occasionally move and rearrange pile of paper; nor

- Josie Jefferson | 2016-04-03Read More »